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What is a Secure Data Room?

Secure data rooms are an online collaboration platform that helps streamline due diligence, shortening timelines in M&A and other deal making while providing ironclad security. It lets both selling and buy-side teams to manage a transaction’s process from beginning to conclusion in a secure manner.

What makes a secure data room apart from file sharing sites like Dropbox is that it’s usually designed for the enterprise with the ability to group users, set granular permissions and gain insight into usage via analytics (e.g. the time, date and location your data is used). Many of them have advanced features, including the ability to stop downloading and copying (a big no-no) or the ability to display documents in a way that can’t be screenshotted. Many use industry-leading encryption to encrypt sensitive data and use multi-factor authentication to ensure that the user trying to log in is the one requesting access.

The most secure datarooms allow users to download documents in PDF format for offline viewing. However, if you let users print these files to physical printers or save them to file drivers for other reasons, they will not be protected that is given to the original data in the virtual data room.

If you are able to extract these downloaded files from the data room or other systems and view them on computers without being connected to the Internet this is a complete denial of the reason to use a secure data room to store M&A due diligence as well as litigation, compliance, and other sensitive documents that need to be locked to devices and not transferring to servers. We recommend a DRM-based system which locks files onto devices rather than servers. This means that it is impossible to remove the files from devices and share them with others.

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