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What Are the Essential Features of Board Portals for Meetings?

Board portals are a method that streamlines meeting management. In contrast to the early software that granted access to board books modern portals provide more functions. You should have a list of questions you can ask during demos.

What are the primary features of a board-portal?

Effective meeting management starts well before the meeting, using boards portals that let you create agendas find more info about Simplifying business environment with Ideals provider and then distribute them along with the relevant documents. Portals also offer a simple way to track actions, votes and resolutions.

During the meeting, boards are able to comment and collaborate on documents in real time across any device and platform. Portals that value security can offer eSignatures that speed up document signatures, while preventing sensitive information from falling into the hands of right individuals.

The portal automatically generates meeting minutes, eliminating the need for secretaries to manually take notes during meetings. This allows your board to focus more on strategic issues and less time on administrative tasks.

Ask about the user-friendliness of the tool when contemplating a new board portal, or upgrading an existing one. Board members are busy and don’t want time learning about a new system. Find features that will make it easier for them to adopt including how-to videos or FAQs, remote learning sessions, and a single point of contact for technical assistance. Also, think about the way in which your vendor’s pricing structure aligns with your organization’s budget.

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