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Streamline Board Meetings With Board Portal Software

Facilitate board meetings through an efficient, easy-to-use portal. This platform has all the tools boards of nonprofit organizations require to increase efficiency and productivity, while keeping everyone in touch.

A well-chosen portal can boost the productivity of board members and administrators. The best software for managing boards can also help save companies money by improving information sharing and streamlining processes.

The best board portals let all members collaborate prior to a face-to- live or online meeting. This is particularly important for boards who conduct their business from multiple time zones or in different locations.

Modern portals facilitate the way boards function between meetings. They can keep track of action points, votes and surveys using simple tools for task management. They can also collaborate on materials and create agendas that allow for the automatic distribution of meeting papers. They should also be able to quickly convert agenda items into draft minutes and give directors an option to vote on written consents and resolutions.

Finally, a secure portal will make sure that data is safe and secure. A secure security program must be in place, with a wide array of features, including remote wipe and role or group based permissions. The best providers provide secure communications, and some provide permanent purge, meaning that deleted notes, annotations and discussions cannot be recovered from a backup or server file.

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