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How to Select Board Governance Tools

Board governance tools allow for information sharing and collaboration between board members that allow for better decision-making, which can help support organizational growth. These tools allow for the automation of meetings, streamline the preparation of agendas and books for board meetings and provide a virtual platform that boards can collaborate on documents and cast votes in real-time. They can also assist in ensuring that governance guidelines are followed, reduce paper usage and eliminate the need for meetings that require physical presence.

Nevertheless, not all tools have the same features and some are more expensive than others. It is recommended to evaluate features and pricing systems before choosing a solution. To maximize your ROI, consider purchasing a solution that offers a free trial or discounted pilot deployment. This lets you accurately determine the efficiency and productivity improvements before committing to the long-term commitment.

Aprio Aprio is an application for managing boards that supports streamlined board and Committee workflows. It provides a secure digital portal that allows users to access and share all of the important policy, bylaws and financial documents they require to hold their meetings. Board members can also sign nondisclosure agreements, contracts and resolutions using electronic signatures. Moreover, it provides AI-driven analytics to aid in decision-making and help identify trends and threats within the organization.

Board members require the appropriate tools to accomplish their tasks. This allows them to fulfill their fiduciary duties and guide their company towards long-term sustainability. Using a traditional paper-based process or an online application that is not specifically designed for board management could result in lack of efficiency, poor communication and disengaged board members. Today’s market is filled with a variety of cutting-edge tools that simplify the work of boards and make them more efficient.

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