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How to Prepare for a Meeting

It is true that planning and preparation are the key ingredients for successful meetings. The more time you spend in ensuring that your meeting is organized, the more efficient it will be.

Whether it’s a brainstorming session or an update on a project or even a call with a client there are a few steps that everyone in the meeting should take to prepare for the gathering. This article will provide you with some easy tips to ensure that you attend an event that is efficient and productive.

Begin by determining the goal of the meeting. Select the topics that should be discussed and allocate time slots for each. This will keep you on track and prevent tangents that can disrupt the conversation. It will also help determine the length of your meeting.

The next step is to gather any items that will be discussed during the meeting. These could be presentations slides reports, or other documents that will add to the discussion. Final step: Make sure these documents are readily accessible to all participants. You can either include them in the invitation to the meeting or post them on your internal communications channel.

Check the list of attendees and determine if each participant has a role in the discussion. If not, you should remove those who have the same knowledge or decision-making authority. Finally, you should consider assigning a direct responsible person for each action item.

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