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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Board Meeting Agenda

A well-planned agenda for board meetings is key to productive discussions that are informed and efficient in decision-making as well as management within your company. Many companies get caught in traps that can hinder home meeting efficiency and effectiveness. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid:

Not Offering enough time

An attempt to cover too many topics leads to rushed discussions inadequate time for each topic and overall poor productivity. To reduce this, develop a manageable amount of high-priority items that are relevant to the purpose of the meeting. Prioritize issues based on their importance, urgency, and order. Also, be sure to incorporate a section for “new business” or other discussions that are not scheduled. This will allow the board members to raise any other concerns or issues for consideration.

Not Incorporating Diverse Perspectives

Inevitably, some board members will possess different viewpoints and insights that are beneficial to the company. It is a mistake to not consider these contributions, as it can result in missed opportunities and suboptimal decision-making. Ensuring an inclusive environment that respects and leverages different perspectives, will ensure the best results for your business.

Inaction on Board Meeting Resolutions

Insufficient follow-up undermines accountability of board members and undermines their trust. Establish responsibilities and deadlines for every action item, and periodically review progress to make improvements. After every board meeting, you should ask for feedback on the clarity of the agenda, the adequacy of the time allocations and the flow of the meeting. This will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your meetings.

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